5 Tips To Protect Your Mental Wellness

5 Tips to protect your Mental Wellness

Written by: Lakiesha Russell, LPC

The Evolving Chair Counseling and Consulting Agency

Everyone should be practicing good mental hygiene. However, I know many people don't feel it's important to take care of their mental health because they feel that they aren't "crazy", they don't have those "issues" and a host of other phrases I've heard. Guess what?! Things like stress, not setting boundaries, taking on the superwoman syndrome can all impact our mental health. So, I'm sharing my top 5 tips to help increase your mental wellness, that I've shared with countless individuals I've worked with over the years!

1. Spend time doing the things you love - often times we can get wrapped up into our life and completing the things we NEED to do that we get too tired to do something that we enjoy just for the pure enjoyment. Be a little more cognizant of incorporating those things you love to do to decrease your stress levels.

2. Change your environment - Surround yourself with individuals who are positive, encouraging and motivating- I know you're thinking that's obvious Lakiesha , but sometimes we just need to have that reminder.

3. Take time to take care of the whole person (mind, body and soul)- Many of us look at health one sided, but everything connects with the other. When we feel good on the inside we do better at looking good on the outside.

4. Set realistic goals- We decrease our stress when we set goals that we can obtain using the SMART goal method and not setting unrealistic high goals that can discourage us. (read more on SMART goals here)

5. Don't be afraid to seek out extra support when you need it- Too often we think we can handle our situations on our own and are afraid to ask for help whether that's a listening ear or someone to help complete a task. I know from experience I'm a victim of the Superwoman Syndrome and I don't ask for any help and I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to the max and I'm not productive to do anything. Now I've learned it's okay to seek out additional support whether that be through a therapist, friend or family member.

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