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Season 2 Premiere Session 33

"In this session I have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Ranell Washington of Social X. He is sharing what #ChangetheNarrative movement is and how we as individuals can begin to change the narrative in our lives and communities! We also discuss how can the community change the narrative about mental health and therapy. He is dropping so many gems within this session that you don't want to miss, so tune in and take some notes."

"In this session I had the opportunity to chat with Pastor Brandon Hines of Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, WI. He is the youth pastor with a dynamic word in his mouth for everybody. Pastor Brandon shares what is Compassion, why it's needed in this day and age, his greatest role model of Compassion and much more. We had so much fun in studio! I'm sure you will enjoy what he has to say as I did too"

"In this session I am able to shed light on the difference between being sad and being clinically depressed. Often times we use depressed and sad interchangeably but there really is a difference between the two. Being clinically diagnosed for depression you need to at least display the symptoms for 2 weeks. Many people try to avoid feeling sad but the truth is we need to feel sad at times. Listen in as I dive into the importance of feeling sad and things you can do if you are clinically diagnosed with depression."

"We have hit the Winter Finale!!! I'm reflecting on my journey within this podcast world and anyone whose a podcaster knows how challenging it can be! I share on making New Year Resolutions and discussing the importance of having S.M.A.R.T. goals!! I'm so grateful for each and every person allowing me the opportunity to share my passion within their space. Below I have attached a link to a S.M.A.R.T. goal worksheet. Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!!! "

"This session I was able to chat with Jason Gray ( half of the genius behind Cards For the Culture brand). Jason opens up about his childhood where he battled low self esteem, the impact of his grandmother in his life and how he didn't let his story keep him stagnated but allowed it to fuel him. Jason even participated in my trivia game version about Mental Health. Jason is sharing so many needed gems on what it means to own your story and work through your "stuff". So tune in and listen in as this is one you'll enjoy."

"This live show I had a special returning guest Rwenshaun Miller, LPCA (session 7 of The Evolving Chair Podcast and also appeared on The Breakfast Club) who is a clinician in North Carolina, author, speaker and Executive Director and Founder of Eustress, INC. He is making a great impact within the black and brown community with bringing awareness to mental health and breaking down the stereotypes and stigmas. Rwenshaun is sharing on his new book Injured Reserved while tackling audience questions that are thought provoking. We had such a great time at this live show. So tune in and listen as we talk about all things that deal with our own mental wellness. "

"This is a solo session as I address the Holiday Blues, talk about my private practice The Evolving Chair Counseling & Consulting Agency and my upcoming Holiday LIVE show where I will be celebrating 30 session with special guest Rwenshaun Miller, LPCA. This time of year we are more prone to feel sad, because of the number of things like weather, goals, deaths, etc. I will touch on my top 5 ways to help beat the Holiday Blues. One thing to be caution of is if your sadness lasts longer than 2 weeks, you may need to consider reaching for some support professionally. Tune in and see if you are already doing some of these things to beat the blues."

"In this session I chat with the wonderful Latisha Carr whose a certified Life Coach with degrees in counseling/psychology. Latisha coins herself the Dream Advocate and must I say that title fits her well. Latisha spreads her love for being other peoples cheerleader by using her blog, her podcast (Views From a Dreamer) and through her business. This session will surely jumpstart you to begin prepping for your 2018 goals. We talk about pushing past fear, Imposter Syndrome, building a team and making your goals successful. Tune in and let me know what you think."

"This session I really love because this was my first time going LIVE and it was at the first annual Milwaukee Podcast Festival. The podcast festival was planned and put together by Jedon (Egos and Opinions podcast) and Jazmine (#20Something Series podcast). I was given the opportunity to share my podcast with a great audience as well as sharing the misconceptions about mental wellness and therapy. Listen in as I share a piece of my story with transitioning into adulthood and getting to the place of loving me."